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Treyone & The Environment

We strongly believe in the cumulative power of actions undertaken by individuals and businesses to make a positive difference in our world and so incorporate ecological principles into the way we design, make and deliver your kitchen.

Many of the raw materials that go into making your Treyone kitchen come from nature. Our timbers come from sustainable forests and we strive to dispose of any waste products in as careful and environmentally friendly a way as possible.

We recycle our waste paper, cardboard, polystyrene, plastics, metal and timber offcuts and convert our sawdust and shavings into briquettes. These briquettes then fuel our bio-mass heater and keep our factory workshop warm!

In 2018 we installed around 80 solar panels on our Liskeard, Cornwall showroom and workshop which generate around 30,000 kw, this goes a long way to powering all our machinery and daily operations. On top of that, what we dont use we put back into the national grid.

We are always on the look out for more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce the best quality product we can.

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