Plymouth in frame Shaker


Location:Plymouth, Devon
Style:In frame Shaker
Colour:F&B White Tie, Crown Trade Victorian Eclectic 15
Worktops:Compac Perlino
Sink and Tap:Belfast Farmhouse Sink, Blanco

The client wanted their new kitchen in the basement of the building. It was ideal because it led out to the garden and created a much larger entertaining space. Although some natural light was entering the room from a set of French doors, we needed to make more. The whole room needed to be replastered, including the ceilings, so it was the perfect opportunity to address the lighting.

The room had a series of existing alcoves on one wall. Rather than seeing this as a potential issue, we incorporated our primary storage into this area – and there’s a lot of storage in this kitchen! There are pantries, generous drawers and cupboards throughout. We designed a series of plinths that run along the bottom of this area which could incorporate the fans for an integrated American-style fridge. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to hide the appliance. These cabinets are full height, so we finished them with a cornice.

To make the cooking area a focal point, we created a feature extractor cabinet that reflected the Georgian theme. Two chest-height cupboards on either side of the hob were designed for herbs and other cooking essentials. At waist height, large drawers with adjoining cabinets were incorporated for utensils underneath the gas hob. 
“Due to the shape of the room and the internal walls, we decided on a peninsular-style preparation area and breakfast bar. This, too, enjoys a wide range of useful cupboards and drawers. To complete this, we created a freestanding wall cabinet painted internally to match the opposite large wall cabinets.

There are several small details that I love, but most people would miss. The doors and drawers are cock-beaded. It’s a subtle difference but adds a genuine artisan feel to this furniture. It also ties in with the Georgian styling of the house. Butt hinges are also incorporated into the design rather than being recessed into the cabinetry and hidden. We even used false butt hinges on the integrated fridge to keep the look consistent.”

Lloyd Williams, Senior Designer, Kingsbridge.