The Treyone Promise

We want to ensure your kitchen gives you pleasure, will function beautifully and will continue to do so for many years.

This is our promise to you:

  • “We undertake to replace any Treyone-made items that are faulty in terms of manufacture or installation for at least the first six years of use. Beyond that, we make a fair and reasonable evaluation of any claims.”
  • “We believe in taking responsibility for our work and resolving any problems or requests in a friendly and professional manner.”
  • “We respond positively and helpfully to all client requests for service or any changes they wish to make to their Treyone kitchen.”
  • “Treyone kitchens are bespoke and made to each client’s exact requirements. We keep full details of each project on file to ensure we can always adapt, refurbish or upgrade your kitchen.”

We’re proud of our customer service ethos and long history of successful installations, happy clients and trouble-free products. Many of our kitchens are over 30 years old and still in excellent condition. It’s always a pleasure to hear from clients with older Treyone kitchens whom we can help by updating appliances, work surfaces or refurbishing cabinets to meet their changing needs.

Full details of our guarantee schedule are provided with each installation, and examples are available on request.

We love our kitchen and were particularly impressed with the thought that went into the design. The quality is superb and it looks great (exactly as it was presented in the design drawings).”

Client Testimonial.